Download the Bingo Tournament Software from Google Play

Anyone who is looking for an Android app that will allow them to play bingo against others in real time can check out the Bingo Tournament program that is available directly from the Google Play Store. There are more than a million people who access this site so there is always something going on whether it is noon or midnight!

Bingo Tournament takes the classic version of the game in which users are required to mark numbers off of a card as they are called and adds some unique features to make things even more fun than before! There are custom daubers, power-ups that can be used to increase the odds of winning, a coins system that takes the place of real money, and much more. It is possible to purchase more coins to continue to participate, but it should be noted that they have no real value once they have been purchased and they can only be used to enter into new rounds.

There are many different rooms which will unlock as people continue to play and level up. Every coin spent awards XP though bingos and power-up opportunities provide even more. These rooms have their own objectives as well, so users will need to be on the lookout for collectibles which can provide some handsome prizes including coins, access to new power-ups and dauber shapes, and more. There is even a chat feature that provides a social experience unlike anything else on the web today.

For those who are interested, please be advised that this game does require an active internet connection. Please check with your wireless provider to determine your data limits before accessing the title via the cellular network. It works will with a wi-fi connection, too, so this is the preferred method for those who want to avoid the charges and enjoy an amazing experience.