Bingo Calls Explained

Bingo's popularity is boosted by its entertainment aspect and lively social setting. The showmanship of bingo callers and the humor of the bingo calls make the atmosphere fun and lively. Callers use each number's bingo lingo nickname. Some are silly sayings, simple rhymes while others have interesting stories behind them. Here are some bingo calls explained.

Doctor's orders - 9

It refers to the number nine pill given by doctors to British soldiers during World War II. It was memorable for the soldiers as it was a potent laxative.

Legs Eleven - 11

This is a reference to the number looking like a pair of legs.

Dancing Queen - 17

This call is taken from the lyrics of Abba's 1976 hit: "You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen."

Duck with a crutch - 27

This is sometimes called "gateway to heaven" but the use of this traditional image is still more popular. The duck is the number two and the crutch is the number seven.

Dirty Gertie - 30

The call is believed to be based on the song 'Dirty Gertie From Bizerte', which British troops sang during World War II. Players named Gertrude could expect some teasing when this number is called.

Droopy Drawers - 44

This is nothing more than simple rhyming slang but it always draws a smile from players.

Danny La Rue - 52

Named after the late entertainer who specialized in impersonations of famous women. Some attempted to replace this with "chicken vindaloo" years back but did not become popular.

Either way up - 69

This is the cleanest of the terms used for 69 at bingo clubs. More daring callers opt for "that's rude" or sometimes even worse terms.

Was she worth it? - 76

This refers to the 7/6d price of the marriage license prior to decimalization and is often asked as a question to largely female audiences, who reply with "every penny".

Ghandi's breakfast - 80

This nickname refers to how the image of Indian leader Ghandi sitting cross-legged in front of a plate may look like. Some callers now use the easier to understand "eight and blank" instead.

Two fat ladies - 88

This refers to the rounded shape of the number eight, not meant as an insult to the more rounded players.